Best photos of the day

Featured in the "Top Free Apps" category on the App Store - November 2015.

Global events in pictures.

The "Best photos of the day" app for the Apple TV brings you the most interesting high definition photographs of global events from the last 24 hours and showcases some of the best free creative photography available. It has been developed specifically for the TV screen to provide a captivating experience and tell the story behind the pictures.

The most striking photos.

We've negotiated a deal with a major international news photo agency to bring you the most striking photos from some of the best award winning photographers from around the world. A daily selection of the most stunning, relevant and dramatic images, specially chosen from thousands of photos captured by news, sports and entertainment photojournalists.

On the big screen.

Each photo is captured in stunning detail in high definition to offer you the most compelling visual experience on your TV screen.

Story behind each picture.

Get the full story behind the pictures. Each photo is accompanied by a caption so you won't miss on who, what, when and where.

Photo series.

In addition to the daily stream of photos from global events, each month we publish a series of fresh thought-provoking photographs captured by professional photographers on assignments around the world. Each series is accompanied by a supporting text to tell the story and each photo comes in high-definition with a caption to give you all the details.

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